What's On Tap?

Central Lake Location

Caramel Apple

It is like biting into a caramel apple! Perfect for every fall event. 

Cause I'm Hoppy

A dry grapefruit hopped cider. 

Wild berry

One of our hard seltzers retailing for $7 a glass. Has flavors of wild berry wine. 

Pineapple Habeñero

Spice up your life with this heart warming cider!

Communion Juice

It is easy to be religious everyday of the week with our grape flavored Communion Juice! 

East Jordan Location

Blue Sky

We know you'll have Blue Skys forever with this sparkling wine on Tap! This sparkeling wine on tap is made from our Vignoles grapes, mixed with blueberries! Can you say YUMM? Because it is a sparkling wine the price is $7.

Chocolate Cherry

Everything you imagine and more! A Tootsie Roll may come to mind when you're sipping on this. 


A dry pomegranate flavored cider. A fan favorite!

Communion Juice

It is easy to be religious everyday of the week with our grape flavored Communion Juice! 

*Taps subject to change throughout the day*


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64oz pour





15.5 Gallons


* Prices May Vary*

Our Wine List

Oaked Frontenac Blanc

Glass: $7
Bottle: $24.99
Amber is the color of this wine, with aromas of yellow apple & citrus blossoms. Good acidity, with a tart finish. Lemon peel & star fruit are flavors that stand out. This wine is 0% RS. Pairs well with pistachio crusted sea scallops. 
ABV: 12%



Snow Daze

Glass: $6
Bottle: $19.14
Made from a NY81- 0315 variety, cayuga white/ riesling hybrid. It has the cold hardness of cayuga white, but flavor profile of the Vanifera grape. This wine has .5% residual sugar, so it is considered a dry wine. Aromas of peach and granny smith apple. Clear in color with a light body. Balanced acidity with long finish. Would pair well with a ginger citrus poached salmon. 
ABV: 13%

Semi Dry

La Crescent

Glass: $5
Bottle: $13.99
2% RS. Known as Minnesota hybrid, the grapevine itself is capable of withstanding temperatures to -30º before it sees winter damage. A maize/ yellow colored white. This wine has aromatics of peach and honey. You get flavors of bazooka bubble gum and grapefruit. Has a short finish and is a full bodied wine with a lot going on. Pairs well with goat cheese, parmesan and sautéed Halibut. 
ABV: 12%



Glass: $5
Bottle: $15.99
4% RS. A blonde colored wine, which gives off apricot aromatics. Medium body with flavors of lemon grass, sourdough, and hay. This wine would pair well with butter poached lobster. 
ABS: 12%

Frontenac Blanc

Glass: $6
Bottle: $17.99
4% RS. Clean, crisp & golden. Very aromatic, this sweet wine has flavors of caramelized tropical fruits. Slightly acidic but balanced well with residual sugar, with a short finish. This wine has a lot going on. Would pair well with pecan crusted chicken, linguini with clam sauce, and cheese fondue. 
ABV: 12%



Glass: $8
Bottle: $21.99
4% RS. A nice deep pink color gives this wine a beautiful presentation. Aromatics of black cherry, watermelon, and bubble gum. Flavors of strawberries and bubble gum make this wine a great pair with watermelon feta salad with aged balsamic. It would also pair well with cured meats. 
ABV: 12%




Glass: $8
Bottle: $39.99
0%RS. This wine was aged in local whiskey barrels, which allows for a bolder taste. Dark in color, this wine is full bodied with hints of burnt vanilla and smoke. Tastes of cherry, chocolate, and root beer are also present. Medium to long finish, and pairs well with a grilled T- bone. 
ABV: 14%

Maréchal Foch

Glass: $6
Bottle: $22.99
0% RS. This 2018 gold medal winner has leather, oak, and black raspberry presence on the nose. This full bodied wine offers flavors of green bell pepper, black pepper, coffee, and cherry cola. Pairs well with anything... Crisp parmesan, grilled ribeye, smoked whitefish... you name it!
ABV: 12%


Glass: $6
Bottle: $22.99
0% RS. Age this wine if you can wait that long! Aromatics of smoked stone fruit and plum are present upfront. A medium bodied wine with flavors of fresh plum, red licorice, and black tea with a finish of smoke which makes this wine very unique. Pair this wine with chicken scallopini, potato crusted salmon or blue cheese and bacon. 
ABV: 14%


Baco Noir

Glass: $6
Bottle: $18.99
4%RS. Super rich in color, with aromatics of black licorice, cherries, and caramel. This full bodied wine has flavors of blackberry jam, plum, and vanilla coffee. Short to medium finish, and pairs well with Tex Mex food, lamb, wild game, and pizza. 
ABV: 11%



Glass: $5
Bottle: $14.99
Made from 100% Cherries! Has aromatics of cherry bubble gum with a  sweetness that will bring you back to your childhood. Pairs well with BBQ pulled pork, smoked cheddar, and grilled cheese stuffed jalapeños. 
ABV: 12%

Ice Wine- Dessert Wine

Lake Effect

Bottle: $69.99
*Only Sold By the 375ml Bottle*
22% RS. It is a dark rich butter color. This wine is full of different flavors and aromas. Passionfruit, mango, pineapple, honey, etc... Flavors of all tropical fruits bring you to an island far from here.  This ice wine was was made from our Vignoles and harvested below 15º on a day where we had a lake effect snow storm. It is like drinking a pineapple concentrate, but for grownups. 
ABV: 11%

Club 1914 Membership


A one-time family buy in gets you in for life. You will receive a special club- only growler, 10% off all in- store purchases, as well as one free t-shirt. When you join, you will have a plaque made and placed on display outside of The Farm location's winery. The plaque will say your name, and an additional sentence of your choosing. In addition, you can opt-in to a club group email for special offers!

Snack List

Charcuterie Tray

GreatLakes Potato Chips

Small: $4
Large: $15

Trail Mix

Northwoods Soda




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Free for the Kids

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